If Then Else


I’m not a programmer, I’m not a hacker, I don’t even watch Bollywood movies. But – I do remember my computer class in 1991. Black screens, green letters, a humming sound – our computer room at grammar school.

Our math teacher, Mr. W, shows us the first steps in Pascal, a computer language more antique than the . . . → Read More: If Then Else

Avoid Unnecessary Humbleness


Can I give you feedback?
How many times have I asked that same question! How many times have I seen that gaze of curiosity blended with uneasiness! How many times…

Now it was my turn. I looked at Adrian. A blend of curiosity and uneasiness in my face.

Sure, shoot!

Well, one thing you do, I think it drags down . . . → Read More: Avoid Unnecessary Humbleness

The Most Connecting Letter


He didn’t say, You have a dream. He didn’t say, One has a dream. He said… Well, you know what he said.

In all those thousands of speeches I’ve heard and evaluated as a corporate trainer, every time someone speaks in the impersonal form of you or one, it hardly connects with me.

You grow up; you make . . . → Read More: The Most Connecting Letter