And We Built Bridges



The motto of our Toastmasters District 59 Autumn Conference was “Building Bridges in Amsterdam”. And, yes, we built bridges. Many bridges. From 13-15 November 2015 we built bridges of insights. Bridges of laughter. Bridges of friendship. Thank you, my Dutch friends, for another conference milestone in D59 history.

Here are some of the content kings I scribbled . . . → Read More: And We Built Bridges

Senses, Wine And Public Speaking


What role do our senses play when we buy a bottle of wine in the supermarket? How do our senses influence our consumer behavior in general? And what can public speakers learn from sensory marketing? Dr. Martin Kern offers the answers in this interview.

Martin is the Managing Director of SAM Sensory and Marketing International, a German . . . → Read More: Senses, Wine And Public Speaking

The IKIA Default


An audience can be your best buddies. Empathetic, supportive, listening – just like your best friends. But – an audience can also be your worst nightmare. Bored, annoyed, sarcastic – just like your worst enemies.

Good news is it’s in your hands. Normally, an audience is best friends at the beginning of your talk. Like a bank . . . → Read More: The IKIA Default