Kill Your Meta Speech


Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, God of Bauhaus, once said, Less is more. Less is more is not only a golden rule for architecture à la Bauhaus. Less is more is also a golden rule for public speakers. The less you say, the better your speech.

One of the most important speeches of modern times has 273 words . . . → Read More: Kill Your Meta Speech

Twelve Positive Thoughts On Public Speaking


When, when, when? I cannot tell you how much I’m waiting for Tobias Rodrigues’ first book. (No pressure, pal!) Tobias, a humble giant of change and conflict management, works on a book about bummers and boosters. Bummers, negative thoughts that steal your energy. Boosters, positive thoughts that give you energy. Tobias’ first rule in managing conflict . . . → Read More: Twelve Positive Thoughts On Public Speaking

The Room That Smelled Like Work


Freshly ground coffee. Freshly cut grass. Wet autumn forest floor. Grass, coffee, forest floor – what do all three of them have in common? They smell. To date, I’ve listened to more than 3,500 speeches in my trainings. Based on that experience, out of the five senses we have, the one that triggers my memory and my imagination . . . → Read More: The Room That Smelled Like Work

Your Day Ends With A Smile


Source: Ànima Catering

Imagine a room. Not any room. A modernist room, beautiful, in the modernist center of Barcelona. Sunny March daylight crawls through the narrow winter garden and rests on the mosaic floor. You’re in Calle Corsega, 286. You’re at the Artchimboldi, the alternative workspace. You’ve just experienced the first of two days of Spectacular Speaking. . . . → Read More: Your Day Ends With A Smile

How To Plant A Mammoth Tree Seed In Their Mind


The other day, I got of a tube at the Sagrera station in Barcelona. Like every time I merged with the masses and flowed towards the exit. Then, the choice… Escalator or stairs? Before August this year, I would’ve taken the escalator. But at the Annual Convention of Toastmasters International in Kuala Lumpur held in August, . . . → Read More: How To Plant A Mammoth Tree Seed In Their Mind